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The end of 2012 brings with it the end of Hope Marketplace as we know it. You’ll find the online store is no longer there as our merchandise was recently donated to an organization serving abused women here in Phoenix. It is with heavy hearts that we close the doors and yet it is clear it was the right decision.

Jon & Melissa Sanborn and Rob & April Hedrick (author) started Hope Jewelry in 2007. It was off and running when Melissa and I put on our first home awareness gathering at the home of Kelly Lewis. Not more than 15 ladies gathered and we shared what we knew about sex trafficking. It wasn’t long before that our eyes were opened to the atrocity going on around the world as well as around the corner. We shared what we knew and were asked questions we couldn’t answer. We kept reading and learning. The more we knew the more we wanted to help.

The Hope Jewelry model of Home Awareness Gatherings continued and we brought the issue to light to groups in homes. We so appreciated people’s willingness to have their eyes opened. Ignorance is bliss but it gives no room for compassion. We also had several opportunities to speak to church and women’s groups. Along with informing we were selling our wares- hand-crafted jewelry, accessories, purses, journals, paper, etc. The organizations we bought from are doing great work and we were happy to support them. This was never about the money, none was ever made. It was about the women and children- those who are enslaved and abused repeatedly in ways too horrific to think about. » Read More

Craigslist, and What You Can Do to Stop the Sale of Children Online

Image - Craigslist, and What You Can Do to Stop the Sale of Children Online
It was a wonderful day when Craigslist shut down their adult services section back in September, 2010 ending their massive role in sex trafficking. The decision came following pressure from 17 state attorneys general who argued that it should be removed because of posts selling sexual services with victims of human trafficking. And perhaps equally influential the general public spoke out. Public outcry was due in part to a courageous letter printed in the Huffington Post by 2 Craigslist trafficking survivors pleading with Craigslist to stop being a means of rape for profit.

Just how big of a deal is it that Craigslist was persuaded to “close it’s doors”?
Craigslist is free for a lot of postings, but for sex it costs $10 per listing. They had 16,000 listings per day and generated $40 million per year! This was definitely a huge step toward curbing sex trafficking. But, as you would imagine, pimps and johns didn’t have to go far to continue their “business” dealings.

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About Hope Marketplace

A marketplace of goods and ideas supporting freedom from human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Our jewelry, paper products, purses, lotions and other handicrafts are great conversation starters as well as meaningful gifts.
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